About Us

The Spanish Institute of Honduras was originally established as a language school soley focused on those whom were planning on living and working in Honduras. But as the years passed we saw a need to create an online platform to give more opportunities to those wishing to learn or improve their Spanish from anywhere in the world.

Our language program is committed to providing quality one-on-one classes through direct interaction with our highly trained Honduran language teachers. Building on their many years of experience and adding new and improved teaching techniques, we believe we offer one of the most comprehensive language courses available.

Through our online program, we have created a virtual immersion classroom experience, tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. This means you can start "where you are, when you want" because each class is unique to your needs.

We offer our full length curriculum which takes you from zero Spanish to full fluency, or anywhere in between. Also offered are shorter topical/refresher courses where you choose the grammatical topic you would like to study. And of course you are always welcome to come and study with us in beautiful Siguatepeque, Honduras!